The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience London

July 2019

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  • Additional Information

    What's Included in the tour

    • Ticket to play The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

    What's Excluded in the tour

    • Merchandise not included
    Please Note:
    • Must be aged 13 and over to participate
    • Once booked this tour cannot be cancelled
    • No alcohol can be consumed prior to playing the Maze
    • Pregnancy strictly prohibits play of the Maze
    • You must arrive 30 minutes before the time shown on your ticket to ensure you are able to access the maze
  • Description
    Jump into The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience London and get ready to play the iconic 90’s show. Besides being the ultimate team challenge, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is a truly interactive, frenetic and very silly test of your mental and physical abilities. Most of all, it’s so much fun!

    You and your team will run around four different zones – Industrial, Futuristic, Medieval and Aztec. In each zone, test your skills, solve mysteries and face mental and physical challenges. All of these are against the clock and the more challenges you complete successfully, the more Crystals you’ll win and the more time you’ll have for the final test in... The Crystal Dome.
  • Highlights
    • Experience 4 fully themed adventure zones – Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic
    • Take on challenges which test your skill, physical, mental and mystery solving capabilities
    • Have the chance to re-live an iconic British TV show
    • Take on The Crystal Dome and see if you can make the leader board!
  • Schedule
    Available until 31st December 2019

    Venue location: 22-32 Shaftesbury Avenue, London