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Eric Bell was the founding guitarist of THIN LIZZY, one of Ireland's greatest ever Rock bands. He began his musical career playing with local groups around the Belfast area of his birth. These included Them, with Van Morrison, followed by a host of Irish showbands.
He met Philip Lynott, and drummer Brian Downey in Dublin in 1969 and they immediately hit it off, forming a band that became Thin Lizzy. They were named by Eric after a robot strip cartoon character, 'Tin Lizzy' in The Dandy.
The band's first massive hit was Whiskey in the Jar with Eric's distinctive guitar work which he has turned into his own special anthem. It was the number one single in Ireland for several weeks and stayed in the UK top 100 for almost a year. The Rocker was a second big hit and is still hugely popular at Eric's live gigs.
Eric stayed with the band until 1973, during which time they recorded and released their first three albums: Thin Lizzy, Shades of a Blue Orphanage, and Vagabonds of the Western World. On each of them, Eric's guitar-work is stunning, his vocals striking, and he co-wrote many of the songs. He was replaced by his friend, Gary Moore.